MO/KAN USSSA Tournaments

USSSA (United Specialty Sports Association) burst on the scene in 1997 as the newest and most exciting program to come along in recent years. In 1997 eleven hundred baseball teams registered with USSSA and in 1998 that number jumped to over four thousand teams. In 2015 USSSA registered over 110,000 teams and 3,100 teams participated in the USSSA World Series/Nationals. With season long qualifying, single age groups, classes of play (Major, AAA, AA, A), tournament and league qualifying, championship world series tournaments in the Major and AAA division; thousands of teams, leagues and baseball organizations from across the United States are signing up.

MO-KAN State Director- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rosters will not be froze until Jan 1 , 2016. Teams that win a berth during the fall may keep that berth if they retain 50% of the roster that earn the berth.

Teams that earn a berth in the fall will have their roster frozen in the first tournament they play in after Jan 1, 2016

All teams must have their roster on-line to play in tournaments. Teams must register and put their rosters on-line at

  • Sanction your team for 2016 - Your team must be sanctioned to play.
  • MO-KAN State Championships - This is a list of where and when the state championships for MO & KS will be held.
  • MO-KAN Qualifiers - This is a list of all the USSSA qualifiers in both MO & KS.
  • NIT's - National Invitational Tournaments to qualify teams directly to their State and World Series play.
  • USSSA World Series 2016- A list of locations for the World Series by age and class of play and Entry form
  • Insurance - Information on USSSA team, league and facility insurance for 2016

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