USSSA Internet

To be able to take full advantage of these fantastic tools you must log into the new site.
The directions will follow of how to create your team for the first time.


1. Click on the USSSA Logo at top of page.


The page you will go to will look like the above. Assuming you have never been to this site and do not already have a User ID and password You will look in the left hand column and click on Create ID.  (Lightning Bolt).



You will now have a screen that looks like the above. (Be sure you click on Baseball at the very top of this page.) Then scroll down and fill out the information on yourself as the manager and team name. The team name and manager need to be exactly the same as they were printed on your registration sheet you received from your State office or the National Office. It is important to get the Names and addresses and city the same so that it will match up with the Team Number you have already been assigned. Hit Submit at the bottom of the Page.



You will now have the above screen. In the box (Select Team:) if you have more then one option be sure to pick the team that has the registration # on the far right that matches the registration number that you were given from the USSSA National Office. Pick that team and hit submit.


Demographic Information- This will allow you to change your address or information on the manager.

Roster - List each player with address and phone number and e mail- you can now email every player on your team, add player pictures, and individual stats.


Check out all of the stats on the team. These are all figured automatically at the end of the tournaments.