Welcome to Global Sports World Series 

13 Year Old Global Sports World Series

June 28 - July 2, 2017

Tiffany Hills Sports Complex 

Kansas City, Missouri

Entries are first come first serve, limited to first 24 teams
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14 Year Old 57/85 Global Sports World Series

June 28 - July 2, 2017 

Tiffany Hills Sports Complex 

Kansas City, Missouri 

Entries are first come first serve, limited to first 24 teams

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It's a Lifetime Experience! 

Congratulations on an outstanding season and welcome to the 2017 Global Sports World Series.

Your World Series host will do everything possible to create an experience that the players, coaches, and families will remember for a life time!


  • How to Qualify: Teams must be registered with USSSA and Global Sports.  Teams qualify to participate in a Global World Series by participating in a Global World Series Qualifier and also satisfy any additional USSSA requirements from their home state. Please contact your State Office for information concerning Global World Series qualifying.
  • How to Enter: Teams earning a berth at a Global Qualifier and satisfying their state requirements may participate in a Global World Series in any state. Qualified teams must enter the Global Sports World Series online at WWW.USSSA.COM.  Entries are on a first come first serve basis.  Teams that qualify will not be assured a spot at a specific World Series location.  Qualified teams may enter multiple Global World Series.  
  • Global World Series Format
    • Open to All Classifications
    • Limited to 24 teams per age group
    • Pool play. bracket play, then 3 final division
    • Teams will play a minimum of 6 games
    • Champions of each division will be crowned Global Sports World Series Champion
    • Teams earn World Series USSSA points
    • Teams may "Write In" two additional age appropriate players of any class at Global World Series Check-In 
  • Pool Play
    • Pool Seeding is based on:
      • USSSA Classification
      • USSSA Points
      • Geographical location
    • All Teams will play 4 pool games
  • Bracket Play
    • After pool play teams are re-seeded 1-24 and placed into championship brackets
    • Seeding for championship is based on USSSA pool play / tie breaker criteria


Click Here for Global Brackets


(Global Sports World will be governed by the USSSA National Baseball Bylaws and Rules unless otherwise noted below.  USSSA Rosters will be the official roster at the Global Sports World Series.  USSSA Baseball reserves the right to alter, change, or abbreviate the tournament format when necessary to complete the tournament due to weather.  Team and individual awards will be presented to the champion and runner-up in the Red, White, and Blue divisions)

World Series Headquarters & Venue:
Tiffany Hills Sports Complex
8400 NW Old Tiffany Springs Rd
Kansas City, Missouri 64153

Contact Information:
Kansas City Sports
6324 N Chatham Ave. #136
Kansas City, Missouri 64151
Fax 816-587-4549
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Hotel Booking Requirement:
To be bracketed in any KC Sports tournament (Kansas City and Springfield) - All teams requiring an overnight
must book lodging through PSE Tournament & Event Housing.  Click Here for Online Tournament Lodging.
If you have any questions; please contact PSE at 888-417-6446.


Team Representative Meeting. 6:00pm June 28th  Limited to (1) person per team, players are not allowed.
                                                 Schedules, Coaches passes, pre-order tournament passes will be 
                                                 handed out at this meeting. We will also take care of write-in players
                                                 at this time.

Location for team Representative Meeting:
Liberty Community Center
1600 S. Withers Road
Liberty, MO 64068

Opening Ceremony Itinerary: Wednesday June 28th 8:00pm
Fountain Bluff Sports Complex
2200 Old State Hiway 210
Liberty, MO 64068

SKILLS COMPETITION DETAILS: The overall objective of the skills competition is to have every player on
each team participate and enjoy the social interaction. No player may enter more than one event.

“Round The Horn”- (5 Players) 

Five (5) players from each team will be allowed to participate.  The players will take their positions in the infield (1B, 2B, 3B, SS, C).
The catcher will start the event.  The catcher will throw to third baseman, third-baseman throws to second baseman,
second-baseman throws to shortstop, 
shortstop throws to first-baseman and first-baseman throws to catcher.  The time will start
when the catcher throws and time will stop when the catcher receives 
the throw from the first-baseman. ANY DROPPED BALLS


“Base Running” - (balance of Players) 

Four (4) players from each team will be allowed to participate. Each player will start inside the batters box and run the bases. 
Time will start on first step and end when touching home plate.Any additional player who has
not participated in any event can participate. 

Accuracy throw - (3 players MAXIMUM) 

Three (3) players from each team will be allowed to participate. Three throws from an area behind 2nd base
into a net positioned at home plate. 3 Points are awarded for hitting inside the red square on the fly. 2 points awarded
for hitting inside the red square on a bounce, 1 point awarded for just hitting inside the net either on the fly or bounce.


PRE-Tournament Information


Team Program Information: (Action Required)

  • All Teams CLICK HERE to access fillable pdf.
  • Complete form and Submit electronically or save completed form and email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Froms must be completed and sent no later than 12 Noon (CST) Monday June 26, 2017 


Pre-Order World Series Passes: Admission is $8 per day for Adults, $5 per day for Youth ages 6-12, 5 & under are free 
Event passes can be pourchased in advance, $30 for Adult and $17 for Youth

  • Pre-Order tournament event passes here

Pre-Order World Series T-shirts:

  • Pre-Order Global World Series T-Shirts here Coming soon.