8MP - 14 Under A
July 15 - 20, 2016

Fountain Bluff Sports Complex
Tiffany Hills Sports Complex
Platte Ridge Park

Hosted by Kansas City Sports
6324 N. Chatham Ave. #136
Kansas City, Missouri  64151

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Congratulations on an outstanding season and welcome to the 2016 USSSA Baseball 8MP thru 14 'A' World Series. Your tournament host will be Kansas City Sports and  it will be our goal to create an experience that the players, coaches and families will remember for the rest of their lives.  The tournament will be played at the Fountain Bluff Sports Complex in Liberty, Missouri on July 15-20, 2016.

The USSSA Baseball program will use the "Pool-Play" format in its World Series.  Teams will be placed in pools where they will play a round robin within their pool.  Teams will then be placed in a Championship bracket following pool play or a Consolation bracket.  The exact format of the tournament, e.g., number of pools, number of teams in each pool, etc., will be set by the Tournament Director following USSSA Baseball guidelines and being approved by the USSSA Baseball National Committee.

Your team must enter online at www.usssa.com on or before July 1, 2016. Your State Director will need to approve your entry to confirm your team has met all eligibility requirements.



 All players participating in USSSA Baseball tournament play shall have photocopies of their original birth certificates in the possession of their team manager.  Failure to have a copy of the birth certificate available upon demand will result in the offending team losing the game, being ejected from the tournament, being placed last in the standings and forfeiting all awards, sponsors travel money and tournament berths the would have been awarded at the tournament.  


1.    Age cutoff is May 1, 2016.

2.    Any player can play in a higher age classification but cannot play in a lower age group.

3.   Bases and pitching distance will be listed at www.usssabaseball.org

4.    All players must be fully uniformed, which includes the following:

        Pants, socks, cap, and team shirt with numbers that are non-

        duplicating (e.g. no 2 players with the same jersey number) and at least three inches in height.

5.    Managers and coaches must wear a baseball cap with team insignia and will be properly dressed.
(Coaches may wear coaches' shorts).

6.   While in the field, as a defensive player, team caps must be  worn.

7.  Protest on uniforms will not be allowed. It shall be the Tournament Directors responsibility regarding uniform legality.  Violation of the uniform rule will result in the violator being allowed to conform or be removed from the game.

8.    Metal spikes are prohibited in age groups 5-12.

9.    A full-use batting helmet which covers the top and back of the head and the side of the face must be worn by every player while in the on deck circle, when at bat and while on the bases.

10.  All bat boys/girls will wear full-use batting helmets when their team is at bat.

11.  The catcher must wear a full-use catchers helmet and mask.

12.  All playing rules not specifically covered above shall be governed by the USSSA Baseball Rules and the National League rules for Major League Baseball.  

  For more information call: KC Sports at 816-587-4545 


Itinerary: TBD

Opening Ceremonies: TBD